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Studio bump is an architectural visualization studio. The studio is specialising in creating images and render of unbuilt architectural spaces.

סטודיו באמפ מתמחה ביצרת הדמיות אדריכליות, הדמיות פנים והדמיות חוץ.

Studio 26 - Budapest | designer Sharon Narkis

Hebrew academy | PPY architects

Be'er Sheva old market | Eliakim architects

TTI media house


Jerusalem Hebrew academy | K-F architects

Sport center - Belgium | BDV architects


Haifa | Levy-Lustig architects

Tel-aviv | Tema architects

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Hi Ido

I would like to get a proposal for 2 interior and 2 exterior images for a competition we are submitting. Please find attached some drawings files in order to understand the project.  you can reach me at... Best regards